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Multilingual Literatures: Interdisciplinary Conference

Dydd Mercher 17 Gorffennaf 2019 - Dydd Gwener 19 Gorffennaf 2019

Mae hwn yn ddigwyddiad a gefnogir gan Gymdeithas Ddysgedig Cymru. Darparwyd yr holl wybodaeth gan y trefnwyr a cheir rhagor o wybodaeth ar eu gwefan.

17-19 July, Gregynog Hall, Multilingual Literatures: Interdisciplinary Conference

This conference sets out to explore diverging trends across minor and major languages, especially those with an established presence in Europe with respect to individual authors or literary periods, extending from the Medieval to the contemporary. It addresses the following questions:

  • How may we define such terms as ‘multilingual fiction’ or ‘multilingual poetry’ with respect to theory and/or practice?
  • In the modern era, how far do multilingual writers function as cultural intermediaries between states or language communities?
  • What roles can such writers play in periods of upheaval or conflict which involve their two language communities and threaten to call into question their dual affiliations?
  • Is their bilingualism a factor in their reception, as evidenced in reviews and other public discussions of their work, or do they try to conceal it?
    To what extent does language knowledge affect choices of subject-matter, perspective, genre, and styles?
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Dydd Mercher 17 Gorffennaf 2019
Dydd Gwener 19 Gorffennaf 2019