Galw am ymgeiswyr: Cyngor Gwyddonol ERC ar gyfer Horizon Europe

Rydym wedi derbyn yr alwad ganlynol gan ALLEA i enwebu ymgeiswyr ar gyfer Cyngor Gwyddonol ERC ar gyfer Ewrop.

Os oes gennych ddiddordeb mewn archwilio hyn ymhellach, cysylltwch â Fiona Gaskell.

We have been invited by the chair of the Standing Identification Committee for the ERC Council to submit nominations of suitable candidates for the ERC Scientific Council for Horizon Europe. The mandate for members of the scientific council will commence 1 January 2021.

Should your academy be willing to put forward a candidate, please consult the attached statement of methodology as well as the statement of qualifications to guide your nomination. Please also note that candidates should be either current or recent research practitioners, with a particular focus on younger and/or female candidates. Please also seek a nominee’s willingness to serve on the committee in case of a successful nomination.

We will be collecting nominations in the ALLEA Secretariat until 23 September 2020 before submitting them to the Identification Committee.