Academi Frenhinol Peirianneg: Cymrodyr Newydd

Llongyfarchiadau i’n tri Chymrawd sydd wedi’u cyflwyno fel Cymrodorion Academi Frenhinol Peirianneg: yr Athro Rob Deaves, yr Athro Wyn Meredith, yr Athro Graham Hutchings.

This year’s new Fellows continue to reflect the Academy’s ongoing Fellowship Fit for the Future initiative announced in July 2020, to drive more nominations of outstanding engineers from underrepresented groups ahead of its 50th anniversary in 2026. This commits the Academy to strive for increased representation from women, disabled and LGBTQ+ engineers, those from minority ethnic backgrounds, non-traditional education pathways and emerging industries, and those who have achieved excellence at an earlier career stage than normal.

The new Fellows will be formally admitted to the Academy at a special ceremony in London on 28 November, when each Fellow will sign the roll book. In joining the Fellowship, they will lend their unique capabilities to achieving the Academy’s overarching strategic goal to harness the power of engineering to create a sustainable society and an inclusive economy for all.

Royal Academy of Engineering welcomes 73 new Fellows (