Adolygiad Annibynnol o Fiwrocratiaeth Ymchwil: Ymateb Celtic Academies Alliance

Mae Celtic Academies Alliance wedi cyhoeddi ei gyflwyniad i adolygiad Annibynnol BEIS o fiwrocratiaeth ymchwil.

Mae’r adolygiad yn chwilio am farnau ar sut i leihau biwrocratiaeth ymchwil yn sylweddol, yn bennaf er budd unigolion a thimau sy’n cynnal ymchwil.

The review is timely. It provides an opportunity to ensure that the research application and review process operates as efficiently and effectively as possible.

The Alliance supports the use of proportionate and robust processes to safeguard the use of public funds and to support high quality research.

It is crucial to develop a culture of trust across all parts of the system, including government, funders, universities and individual researchers.

This would mean that all those involved understand how their requirements and actions have an impact on others in the system and would help to ensure that levels of bureaucracy and oversight are proportionate to need.