Yr Athro Terry Threadgold

Mae Routledge wedi cyhoeddi’r llyfr hwn yn ddiweddar, sy’n cynnwys cyfraniad gan un o’n Cymrodorion, yr Athro Terry Threadgold: Women in Social Semiotics and SFL: Making a Difference.

‘This book showcases interviews with nine women who have made pioneering contributions to social semiotics and systemic functional linguistics (SFL), highlighting how these women have taken the discipline into new and innovative directions, and the enduring impact of their work…

‘Reflecting on the groundbreaking work of renowned women scholars in social semiotics and SFL and their continued global impact, this book will be key reading for students and scholars in these fields, as well as those in the areas of language pedagogy, literacy, and multimodality.’

Women in Social Semiotics and SFL: Making a Difference – 1st Edition – (routledge.com)