‘I Remember Mariupol’

Erthygl ddiddorol i’w ddarllen gan yr Athro W. John Morgan FLSW, un o’n Cymrodyr.

Today, the Russian speaking city of Mariupol is under siege; its citizens the victims of murderous bombardment; homes, schools, university, hospitals, including a maternity ward destroyed; a theatre bombed when sheltering women, children, and the elderly, with an estimated three hundred dead; refugees, and mass graves; 200, 000 civilians still trapped under appalling conditions, as Putin’s military use the brutal tactics of Grozny and Aleppo; thousands more deported to filtration camps in Russia, reminiscent of those used by Putin in the Second Chechnya War. So much human suffering, another civil society destroyed.

I Remember Mariupol: A civil society destroyed – Wales Institute of Social and Economic Research and Data (wiserd.ac.uk)

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