The History of Wales in Twelve Poems

Mae The History of Wales in Twelve Poems’ gan yr Athro M. Wynn Thomas wedi ei gyhoeddi. Mae’r deuddeg o gerddi darluniadol yn amlygu gwahanol gyfnodau o hanes Cymru.

Down the centuries, poets have provided Wales with a window onto its own distinctive world. This book gives the general reader a sense of the view to be seen through that special window in twelve illustrated poems, each bringing very different periods and aspects of the Welsh past into focus. Together, the poems give the flavour of a poetic tradition, both ancient and modern, that is internationally renowned for its distinction, demonstrating how Wales boast one of the oldest and yet continuing vibrant poetic traditions, the former in the Welsh language and the latter in English and bilingually.

The History of Wales in Twelve Poems | UWP

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